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Books By Pakistani Dermatolgist

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Pakistan Association of Dermatologists

Books By Pakistani Dermatolgist

The Text Book & Atlas of Paediatric Dermatology by Dr. Yasmeena Khan is an excellent guide for all healthcare professionals faced with the assessment, diagnosis and treatement of children with skin diseases. The author has very comprehensively focused on a wide range of common as well as rare dermatological disorders seen in paediatric population. The book is rickly illustrated with high-quality coloured clinical photographs intersersed with the text. The authod has also concisely address the recent updates on pathogenesis and management of most of the diseases.

The health care physicians who treat children face particular challenges in diagnosis and treatment. I trust that the Test Book & Atlas of Paediatric Dermatology would serve as a reference manual for pediatricians, dermatologists, postgraduate trainees in both the fields and also for general practitioners.

Reviewe By: Dr. Zafar Iqbal Shaikh

Fellowshipe Cutaneous Laser Surgery (USA)
Professor of Dermatology
Army Medical College Rawalpindi

Pakistan Association of Dermatologists

Books By: Dr. Asher Ahmed Mashhood

Management Guidelines of Skin Diseases & Aesthetic Procedures comprises guidelines on various skin diseases, drugs and aesthetic procedures. These guidelines have been simplified and modified according to patient’s needs. The purpose of this book is to improve and standardise the clinical practice of Dermatology. We hope that this book will find place on the desk tops of every dermatologist in the country.

By: Dr. Asher Ahmed Mashhood
ISBN: 978-969-210-039-7
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Pakistan Association of Dermatologists

Books By Shahbaz Aman

This 2nd Edition incorporates Section-VI on TOACS which is a novel addition in this manual according to the advancement in CPSP Dermatology Examination. This book contain detailed information about the postgraduate training and evaluation system in the first section. Section-II includes different checklists of clinical examination related to both long and short cases. Section-III contains one hundred Table Viva questions along with their key. Section-IV includes fifty problem-based questions (scenarios) with key. Section-V has 50 Clinical Slides with questions and answers which are helpful in the preparation of both theory as well as practical viva voce examination and Section-VI includes TOACS Stations consisting of ten questions and key.

By: Shahbaz Aman | MBBS, MCPS, FCPS (Derm), Muhammad Nadeem | MBBS, FCPS (Derm)
ISBN: 978-969-637-471-8
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Pakistan Association of Dermatologists

Books By: Humaira Talat

This book is a guide for larger part of FCPS, MCPS and Diploma exams in dermatology that is long and short cases. Long cases consist of history taking and clinical assessment including salient features of cutaneous examination along with systemic examination and short cases consist of examination of relevant system. It contains 25 short cases and 11 long cases, selected by authors from the actual cases in their experience.

By: Humaira Talat | MBBS, FCPS (Derm), Reema Mirza| MBBS, FCPS (Derm), D. Derm (Glasglow)
ISBN: 978-969-637-135-9
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Pakistan Association of Dermatologists

Dermatology Made Easy

Dermatology Made Easy is based on the hugely popular DermNet New Zealand website and is designed to help GPs, medical students and dermatologists diagnose skin conditions with confidence. The book starts by providing a series of comprehensive tables, complete with over 500 thumbnail photos, to aid diagnosis according to symptoms, morphology, or body site. Once you have narrowed down the diagnosis, cross references then guide you to more detailed descriptions, and another 700 photographs, covering:
• Common infections • Inflammatory rashes
• Non-inflammatory conditions
• Skin lesions
ISBN: 978-969-637-388-9
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