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Androgenetic Alopecia

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Disease Information

Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is a genetically predetermined disorder due to excessive response to androgens. It is most common form of alopecia,characterized by progressive loss of terminal hair of the scalp with a distinctive pattern in both males and females.The androgen receptor activation results is alteration in hair cycle, follicular miniaturization and inflammation. The anagen phase decreases with each cycle and the growing hair fails to achieve sufficient length to reach the surface of skin, leaving empty follicular pore. In males, hair loss is most prominent in the vertex and frontotemporal region. Females retain their frontal hairline with diffuse apical hair thinning causing a broader appearance of anterior part of hair.Trichoscopy in androgenetic alopecia shows increase hair diameter diversity with prominent vellus transformation, perifollicular pigmentation and yellow spots.Male patients are treated with topical minoxidil and oral finasteride while female patients are given topical minoxidil with spironolactone. Androgenetic alopecia causes emotional distress so you should consult dermatologist for proper diagnosis and management.